Spend a week exploring   

  With a guide

Small, idyllic villages. Thundering Waterfalls.

Experience Norwegian nature and culture by bike and join us on a ready made roundtrip from Bergen, to and through the fjord landscape surrounding the Sognefjord. 256 km of idyllic roads with little or no traffic and a guide that shows you where the gems are hidden.



Start in Bergen

Bergen is regarded as a true cultural pearl in Norway and is one of the major hanseatic cities in Europe. In 1979 Bergen was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Through the ages, Bergen has been a prosperous and important trade center along the coast line in Norway. Today Bergen city is both beautiful and multi cultural, and the port is still one of the most important ones in Norway. We highly recommend staying in Bergen for a few days before or after your visit to the fjords.



Continue to the Sognefjord

After spending as many days in Bergen as you like, your fjord bicycle adventure starts.

From Bergen you and your party will board the express boat and experience the gorgeous Norwegian coastline before entering Sognefjorden, the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. Sognefjorden is one of Norways most magnificent travel destinations. Rich in culture,  history and tradition, Sognefjorden is the perfect cycling destination.

Don´t worry about bikes or luggage. It is all taken care of.  




Your days spent by the Sognefjord

On our ready made cycling roundtrip our guests spend two nights in Vik, two nights in Balestrand and two to three nights in Skjolden or Hafslo. In every town we have ready made stages for you to explore with your guide.

The tour is easily extended or shortened and if you wish to try something besides cycling, there is a large menu of other activities for you to choose from.

  • Glacier Hiking or hiking to spectacular viewpoints and waterfalls

  • Kayaking on the fjord, canyoning or rafting in the river

  • Cider or beer tasting paired with local, delicious food



Happy tailors

Want to explore and experience something different?

In every village by the Sognefjord there are opportunities for two-wheeled fun combined with hiking, rafting, fjord sightseeing or just sitting on the docks drinking local coffee.

If you have requests, please let us know!